Having spent the last few months building websites for other people I finally realised that I had abandoned my own. I’ve spent the last few days rectifying this, Ravenshead Press has had a revamp which although it isn’t finished is an improvement on the old site.

The biggest problem was that when I put Ravenshead together there were very few choices of online stores to build into WordPress. I went for the most powerful WP Online store and spent days fighting it to link to Paypal and create products, etc. Sometime over the last year or so the company making WP Online vanished. The product was left with issues that needed fixing and gradually became riddled with errors.

Since I had been hearing good things about Woo Commerce I finally decided to give it a go. Having installed the plugin I found a theme that supported it. I can only say I am amazed at how simple they have made it. The store was literally up and running in minutes. Creating products is as simple as creating a blog post. Everything feels like it is part of WordPress. I know that making something this simple means a huge amount of effort and inspiration by the designers/programmers and I can only applaud their work.

At the same time as doing this I was asked if I had a personal site with links to my poetry etc. I realised that although I had it also had seen better days, so I scrapped the whole old website (or at least archived it) and started again. It still needs a little work but I’m far happier with it now.

Long story short, WordPress and Woo Commerce are two amazing products that pack a lot of power behind a simple interface.