Poetry Book Fair

Once again Free Verse was outstanding. More publishers than ever crammed into one hall. Just looking at the books on offer was a treat.

One highlight of the day was meeting Teika Bellamy founder of Mothers Milk Books (Facebook). I knew Teika around the period she was setting up the press, but through the Internet. It was lovely to meet her face to face and see how well the press has done.

Apparently there were other people present who I knew but didn’t meet on the day. Sadly it would have been great to meet Catherine Edmunds¬†who has always impressed me by writing outstanding poetry, as well as, by being an amazing artist. Kim Moore also managed to sneak in and out with a large haul of books without being seen.

One of the other volunteers at the event Sally recommended a book to me by Paekakriki Press. The book was All the Ways You Still Remind Me of the Moon. I have only dipped in so far, but I’ve enjoyed the little I’ve read. The book itself is gorgeous, the poems are interleaved with black pages bearing different phases of the moon. Paekakriki have reached a cover design for their books which although it is totally different for each book, they are clearly all from the same press when laid side by side. Seeing as they print their own books I would love to see the printing room in action.