Ravenshead Press was established in 2011 with the express aim of publishing poets who have a good on-line presence and are looking to make the move to traditional paper based publication. Getting published can be a difficult first step for any poet, traditionally there are three routes.

Recognised mainstream publishing house – There are a few big name publishing houses who handle poetry, for example Faber or Bloodaxe Book. Getting published by one of these is a work of art in itself requiring many years of building up a publishing record in certain poetry journals.

Vanity Presses – Vanity presses will publish anyone (for a fee), the poet bears all the necessary costs and more besides. At the end of it they receive a stack of printed books and big bill, they then need to work out some method to distribute these books themselves.

Self Publishing – Previously a very difficult route self publishing has become much easier in recent years. However it retains certain drawbacks, it can be difficult for newcomers to know how to layout a book, how to avoid issues with including images in a book, how to get a book assigned its own ISBN number rather than a stock one provide by the press. Then there are problems with distributing the book and alerting the world to its presence.

Ravenshead Press aims to fill a gap in this market by providing a new route into publishing. While not a big name in the publishing world we provide the same services as a traditional publishing firm.