A Journey Through Times

Or rather from Times Literary Supplement onwards. I was browsing through TLS’ blog section and came across this article which highlights the trend for bestsellers to use very similar looking covers. The cover is such a huge buying point in a shop that it seems to have become rather formulaic based on those that have sold well in the past. It is rare that I look at book covers and think that is totally amazing and only once have I bought a book solely for the cover (turned out to be terribly written and incredibly boring). On that occasion it was so different to everything around it that I found myself drawn to it, like an orange Smartie in a bowl of blue ones (actually I would go for the orange one anyway for the flavour, but that is off topic).

The comments in the TLS’ article then lead on a wonderful website that critiques book covers which can be found here. The opening article today was from March 28 and contained an interview with Tímea Andorka whose portfolio can be found here. Her cover designs are striking and imaginative. The one with two halves of different apples jumps out immediately.

Now I am obviously interested in poetry and I’m racking my brains to think of a cover from any book of poems which jumps out and catches the eye. Anyone what to help me? Faber are very good at creating consistent branding with their covers but generally appear rather staid. Bloodaxe covers? I quite like the Egg of Zero cover for Philip Gross as the titling style was at least different. I can’t think of any others off hand.

Would better covers help sell poetry? Can presses which publish poetry afford exciting cover artists? Above all have there been any covers that have caught your eye on poetry books?